A.D.S Determinator DM-904

Ignition Interlock

Our ignition interlock device, the A.D.S Determinator DM-904, has proven to be one of best ignition interlock devices on the current market. Some features of our ignition interlock device include:

Easy-to-Learn Breath Pattern (No Humming!)

Our alcohol detection system uses an exhale-inhale-prolonged exhale pattern that is quick to learn and easy to complete. You blow into the ignition interlock device, take a breath, do a small inhale and then finish with a prolonged exhale for about five seconds. You can take your mouth off the IID in between the breath patterns so that you do not put too much stress on your lungs. There is no humming involved with our IID, as the inhale portion is used to verify that a human is giving a sample to the unit. 

Manufactured and Distributed in the United States of America

Our Alcohol Detection Systems Determinator has been created and tested in the USA. We have our main headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland and we have numerous shops in different states throughout the nation. We also have expert installers and service centers on hand so that we can deliver the best product and services to our clients. We service Connecticut Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Ability to Disconnect from a Vehicle after Use

Our breathalyzer device has the functionality to be removed from the vehicle after use. There is a cable that connects the dashboard of the car into the bottom of the unit where a port is located. The IID can easily be disconnected from the car by squeezing the two sides of the wire and pulling it out of the unit’s port. We recommend disconnecting a unit after its use because of the temperature errors that occur if the ignition interlock device is left in the car. For example, consider if the weather was too cold and the IID was left overnight in the vehicle. It would take about 10-15 minutes for the fuel cell in the breathalyzer to warm up in order to function. In contrast, if the unit was left in a car overnight and the weather was too hot, the fuel cell would deteriorate and overheat. As a result, you would have to call our company and request a new handheld to be sent.

If you are interested in attaining one of our ignition interlock devices, please visit the Sign Up Today! page to fill out a lease or call to speak to one of our representatives.