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Connecticut Ignition Interlock Device Installers:

Ye Old Station Auto Body [Cheshire, CT]
John’s Auto & Truck [Danbury, CT]
Accurate Automotive [East Berlin, CT]
Lee’s Auto Ranch [Ellington, CT]
Onpoint Connections [Enfield, CT]
Auto Sound Car Audio & Alarm [Hartford, CT]
J & M Motorsports [Manchester, CT]
Starlander Beck Inc. [Milford, CT]
Audiotronics [Norwalk, CT]
Diego’s Mechanics [Stamford, CT]
The Car Connection [Waterbury, CT]

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Connecticut Ignition Interlock Guidelines:

Requirements to Participate in the Connecticut Ignition Interlock Program

  • Submit a check or money order in the amount of $175.00, payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), for the statutory required restoration fee.
  • Have a valid registration.
  • Have had your license suspended for a conviction of a OUI, Vehicular Manslaughter or Vehicular Assault and have served the required license suspension period.
  • Resolve any other outstanding matters concerning your operator’s license suspension.
  • Complete the part one (1) of Ignition Interlock Device Installation Application (p-246) form and submit a check or money order in the amount of $100.00, payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), for the administration fee.  Please see address below.
  • Have the IID installed in each vehicle(s) owned or operated by you.  If you are installing an IID in vehicles(s) you do not own, the registered owner must complete an Installation Authorization (p-248) form, and return with the p-246 form.
  • To determine the length of time the IID will be required, or the duration of suspension time required, see CT Penalties for OUI.  The time required for the IID starts from the date of restoration of your driver’s license.

An out of state driver with an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) restriction who wishes to surrender an operator’s license issued by another jurisdiction must:

  • Have a comparable conviction under the provisions of Connecticut General Statute §14-227a, §53a-56b or §53a-60d.
  • Submit proof from the jurisdiction that required the IID restriction.
  • Submit a recent certified copy of your driving history (dated within 60 days of issuance) and vehicle registration records from the State of Record for review.
  • Complete part one (1) of the Ignition Interlock Device Installation Application (p-246) form and submit a check or money order in the amount of $100.00, payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles, for the IID administration fee.  Please see address below.

Once the information has been approved, you must:

  • Obtain a Connecticut operator’s license and Connecticut vehicle registration within 30 days of issuance of the approval.

Have the IID installed in each vehicle(s) owned or operated by you. Call us at 518.205.0100 or TOLL FREE 1.888.STOP.DUI

Overview of IID Program

  • Participants must fill out an Ignition Interlock Device Installation Application (p-246) form for the program and mail it to the address below with the required $100.00 administration fee.
  • Once an application is approved, the p-246form and the form authorizing installation will be mailed.  The p-246form and the vehicle(s) must be brought to an approved IID vendor for installation.
  • Once the device is installed in the vehicle(s), the p-246form confirming the installation(s) must be returned to the address noted below for verification by the DMV.
  • After the program participant’s operator’s license is restored, a final approval letter and restoration notice will be mailed.
  • The program participant must obtain a valid license or Adult Learner’s Permit (this link will take you to the Connecticut DMV website).
  • DMV records will indicate that an IID must be installed in each vehicle(s) owned or operated by you; law enforcement officials will have access to this information when checking a driver’s status.
  • Participants must bring each vehicle(s) to the installer every 30 days for calibration.   Failure to do so will result in the suspension of the driver’s license for failure to comply with the terms of the IID program.
  • Anyone convicted of tampering, removing, allowing someone else to blow into the device or driving a vehicle without an approved IID, will have their operator’s license suspended.
  • See additional violations and penalties for failure to comply with terms of IID program.
  • If you have a change in personal information, vehicle information or interlock device information you must complete the Ignition Interlock Device Change of Application Record (p-247) form and mail it to the DMV within 48 hours of the change.

Connecticut Ignition Interlock Device Program

Additional Penalties and Violations

Effective December 31, 2012, if an operator commits any of the following violations, thirty (30) days, per violation, will be added to the length of time the IID restriction will be required:   1. Failing to appear for IID service within five days of your scheduled service date; 2. Second or subsequent occasion of failing a rolling retest; 3. Failing to submit to a rolling retest; 4. Tampering with OR attempting to tamper with OR circumventing OR attempting to circumvent the IID; 5. Operating a vehicle without the required IID; 6. Removing an IID without authorization from the DMV; 7. Requesting or soliciting another person to blow into or otherwise activate the device for the purpose of providing the restricted driver with an operable motor vehicle.

When the vendor submits electronic notification to the DMV that you have committed any of these violations, thirty (30) days per violation will be added to the length of time your IID restriction will be required.

The DMV will mail you a letter notifying you of this action.  All violations will be reported to the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch (Probation Department).  In addition, all instances of being unable to start your car due to having an alcohol level above the threshold will be reported to the Probation Department.

If, while participating in the IID program, your operator’s license is suspended for any duration of time, the length of time the IID restriction is required will be extended that amount of time the suspension was served.

Contact Information for CT DMV

For further information concerning this program you may: Call: 1-860-263-5720, or write to:

Department of Motor Vehicles

Driver Services Division

60 State Street

Wethersfield, Connecticut  06161-2525 

For fast, reliable installation and servicing of your interlock device, call Statewide Interlock at 518.205.0100  or TOLL FREE 1.888.STOP.DUI